Ideas for Keeping a Travel Journal

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Traveling is a wonderful activity that can add countless value and pleasure to your life,
but it can also be a complicated and hectic affair. A travel journal can help you to
organize and streamline your travel plans to make them more efficient and enjoyable.
Here are just a handful of ways you can turn a travel journal into a travel companion.

1. Sketch the Area

If your travel adventures take you to foreign countries or regions, consider using a travel
journal as a way of creating your own color-coded map of the area. You can sketch a
basic outline of the city or region and place familiar landmarks you’ve visited, city streets
you’ve walked, or other useful information on the sketch to help you to navigate the city.

You can even use colored markers or pencils to color in specific areas of the city to
coincide with specific emotions, events, or tourist attractions.

2. Organize Your Journey

Sometimes, a vacation can turn into more of a journey with many different stops, flights,
and overnight stays. If you happen to find yourself booking flights and hotels for multiple
locations, it might benefit you to turn your travel journal into an organizational planner to
keep you on track.

A travel journal to keep you organized.

You can lay out your flight details including departure gates, list out
your hotel names and addresses, gather the names and phone numbers of local taxicab
companies, and even make a list of things you’ll need on your flight as a reminder to

3. Customize Your Itinerary

Trips and vacations can often consist of many different plans to complete, places to
visit, and deadlines to which you must adhere. Should you find yourself traveling with a
long list of things to do, try using your travel journal to keep track of your plans and

Make a list of the restaurants, coffee shops, and local stores you’d like to
visit while you’re in a particular area. You can also keep track of all of the tourist
destinations you want to see along with their hours of operation, admission cost, and
address for easy navigation and planning.

4. Make A Travel Log

If you’re a frequent traveler who loves to plan vacations that take you to places you’ve
never been to before, try turning your journal into a customized travel log.

You can compose a dynamic composition of pages that outline the places you’ve visited, the
activities you enjoyed there, your favorite restaurants, and your best memories. This will
help you to keep track of where you’ve been so that you can plan to visit a new city or
country on your next vacation.

5. Create A Souvenir Travel Book

It’s only human nature to want to bring home souvenirs of your adventures to keep with
you as tokens of those wonderful memories. If you’ve begun to collection delicate or
small souvenirs such as tickets, pamphlets, or other small items from your travels,
consider consolidating them into a travel-themed scrapbook.

You can add borders to the pictures, write descriptions to explain the souvenirs, and even draw or sketch on the pages to add personality and beauty.

6. Accessorize Your Packing List

Before you set out on your grand adventure, it is crucial that you pack all of the items
you’ll need for the journey. This can be a challenging task since you’re likely to forget an
essential item or two while packing.

To prevent yourself from neglecting to pack important items, use your travel journal to create a packing list. You can separate the items into categories such as clothes, toiletries, electronics, etc. and color code each category.

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