Journaling Prompts for Every Season

Journaling Prompts for Every Season
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There is nothing quite like that breath of fresh air that tends to come with starting a new year. For those who have stumbled and made mistakes in the year gone by, it is their time to start to rebound and make better choices for the future. For all of us, it is a time of self-reflection and hopefully some positive changes. Many use this time to come up with some resolutions for themselves for the new year. A common (and productive) one is to choose to start journaling. Today we take a look at some creative ideas for writing prompts for each season.


We start with the coldest of seasons because this is the time when New Year resides. If you happen to decide to start your journal during this time of year, then you need some creative ideas to get those writing juices flowing.

A lot of people associate people getting out and about during the summertime, what about those interesting people who are outside during the frigid Winter? Surely there is something interesting to say about them.

You don’t even have to write about this exact idea, but it probably got you thinking already. The point is to spark a creative jolt within you.


The weather is starting to warm up and people are in a better mood (generally speaking of course). This time of year is one that we can all appreciate almost no matter who we are. You might choose to write about revitalization and how even in the darkest days of Winter, we always know that Spring will still come around and make everything feel new and fresh again.

If you are feeling like being contrarian in your journal, how about writing about the decay of certain things (think abandoned malls, outdated inventions). Either direction can take you on a fun journey in your journal.


This is the season of Halloween and of football. Sports are a go-to topic if you can’t think of something else to write about. Who is your favorite team? When did you first decide that would be the team you support? What about their rival team can you just not stand?

Fall themed journal

For Halloween, think about what really scares you. Not just the vampires and goblins, but your true fears in life. What are the things that keep you up at night? Are you afraid to even talk about them out loud? If so, writing them down may give you an outlet to release some of that fear and move on. Either that or it will just give you the goosebumps yet again when you read it!


This might be the hardest season of all to sit down and continue to contribute to your journal. You probably just want to be out there with your friends and family doing something fun. You are going to have to be incredibly creative to get over this hump.

Your Summer prompts may have you writing about favorite Summer vacations from the past. You might also write about what it is like to not have the obligations of school as a child during the Summer.

Each season possesses a unique challenge for the writer to tackle. It can be difficult to remain motivated to write in one’s journal when all of our lives are so busy. However, we have to remain on the straight and narrow in order to continue to fill that journal up. A few of these writing prompts may just help make the process a little easier.

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