Add Creativity to the Journaling Experience

Add Creativity to the Journaling Experience
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Journaling is all about writing your thoughts, feelings, plans, emotions, and anything else you want to get out of your head. There are many ways to use a journal, but it doesn’t always have to be writing alone. If you find that you get bored with this activity, one way to make it more interesting is by being more creative with it. Here are a few ways to do that.

Mix Up the Colors and Styles

An easy way to be more creative in your journal is simply to mix up the colors and designs of your pages. The great thing about this is that it can be done in any type of notebook or journal you are using. For example, if you have been writing in black pen, just switch to a different color or use colored pencils! It can be more of a challenge to write, which is a good thing. You use a different part of your brain, and it really encourages you to do more doodling and sketches at the same time.

You might also want to add other decorative elements, like using stickers on some pages, printing out photos that pertain to what you’re writing about, or using multi-media supplies like paints or charcoal to get your point across.

Try Some Fantasy Writing

Another way to get more creative with your journaling is to do fantasy writing. This can be anything and everything you want. Fantasy writing can just be writing about any dreams or long-term aspirations you have, it could be more of creative writing where you make up a little short story, or where you envision what your own life would have been like if you had made different choices.

This type of writing helps you to get outside your comfort zone and really tap into the creative part of your brain. It gives you a place to explore what is in your imagination and see where your words take you.

Add Doodle Pages

While you can definitely draw or doodle on any page in your journal, you might also want to have just some doodle pages. These are blank pages you use just for little sketches or drawings. Maybe you want to paint what you see in front of you, draw a scene of what your day was like, or spend a journaling session just doodling whatever comes to mind first. This is great practice to channel your creativity.

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