Activities You Didn’t Know Were Self-Care

Activities You Didn't Know Were Self-Care
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When it comes to self-care, some of the activities people often think about first include bubble baths, reading, relaxing, participating in hobbies, and those sorts of things. These are all amazing and can really boost your mental health, but don’t forget about the other activities on this list.

Self-care is more about what you choose to do for yourself, whether alone or with other people. It should definitely bring more relaxation, but also a sense of happiness and fulfillment. Here are some activities that can be considered self-care.

Waking Up Early to Improve Your Productivity

Yes, just doing something like waking up early is an excellent self care activity of daily living! This is going to work as self-care for multiple reasons. When you wake up early, you give yourself more time to dedicate to yourself. Depending on when you wake up, this might mean an hour or so of alone time in a quiet house. It is the perfect time to focus on your self-care.

But that’s not the only reason. It can also improve your productivity because you have that extra time to plan your day and really take your time getting started. This alone can be considered self-care since it is something you are doing intentionally.

Choosing to Add Exercise to Your Routine

It is important that it is an exercise you actually want to do, not something you are forcing yourself to do. This is why it can be a slippery slope when you use exercise as a way to change your body, and try to double that as self-care.

If you truly want your exercise to be self-care, it needs to be something that provides an additional emotional or mental health benefit, in addition to the physical benefits. Think about how you feel when you go on a relaxing walk. You know it is good for your physical health, but more than that, it probably helps you clear your head and take a few minutes for yourself. This is what exercise can do for you with the right mindset going into it.

Allowing Yourself to Say No

Sometimes, it is the simple decisions you make that count as self-care. If you are someone that agrees to everything, saying no can be the best thing for you. Whether this is saying no to going to lunch with friends at work because you need that time to yourself, or saying no to something bigger someone has asked of you.

Wielded wisely, No is an instrument of integrity and a shield against exploitation. It often takes courage to say. It is hard to receive. But setting limits sets us free.

Judith Sills Ph.D.

Buying Something You Love

Shopping can also be a form of self-care, though it is one you want to be a little more careful with. It shouldn’t be excessive spending, where you end up more stressed because of how much you spent. This should be saved as an occasional form of self-care for those moments when you know it will help you feel better.

So now let’s hear from you. What activities of self care do you do to help keep your life centered and balanced? Leave a comment below!

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