How to Know Your Self-Care Routine is Helping

How to Know Your Self-Care Routine is Helping
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You may be someone who finds it easy to add self-care activities to your routine, but you get a little confused as to whether or not it is even helping. A lot of promises are given when it comes to why you should practice more self-care, but how do you know it’s actually making a positive impact in your life?

You Feel More Relaxed

A good self-care routine is one that leaves you feeling more relaxed and less stressed. If after your self-care activities each day, you feel rejuvenated and like you can take on anything, it’s a good sign that you have chosen well.

The next time you do one of your favorite self-care activities, make a note of how you feel afterward. Are you better or worse? Are you more relaxed with less stress, or do you feel like you just ticked another item off your to-do list? Do you feel a sense of fulfillment and calm, knowing you did something good for yourself?

Making a nighttime routine of briefly reviewing how your day went can help you identify ways of improvement.

You Are in a Better Mood

Another thing you might notice with a good self-care routine is that it puts you in a better mood. Everyone deals with days where they are a little irritable or grumpy, but a good self-care routine will instantly boost your mood if only a little bit.

Think about how much happier you feel after you read for enjoyment, go for a casual stroll around the neighborhood, call a friend, or just have a few quiet moments to yourself. This mood boost is what you are looking for with your self-care routine.

Your Productivity is Improved

You may also notice that you have more productivity and are able to focus better on other tasks. With a good self-care routine, it helps you focus on yourself for those few minutes a day, which can free up your mind for thinking creatively and being more productive when it comes time to work. But if you have trouble focusing, you might be facing burnout and that can be a sign that you aren’t doing enough for yourself outside of your work responsibilities.

You are Inspired and Feel Creative

Many people have also found that they start to become more creative and have brand new inspiration, thanks to their self-care routine. This is yet another benefit of freeing up your mind, reducing stress, and having enough relaxation time with self-care.

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