Healthy Eating for Self-Care

Healthy Eating for Self-Care
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Self-care is all about doing something intentionally for your physical, emotional, and mental health. This includes eating nutrient-dense foods and focusing on proper nutrition. It is not about dieting or restrictive eating, as that is the opposite of doing something that will make you happier and healthier. Instead, you just want to focus on the nutrient aspect of healthy eating.

Start Your Day Off with a Glass of Water

After sleeping for 7 or more hours, your body is extremely dehydrated. You haven’t had any water all night, which is why you often wake up with a dry mouth and very low energy. The best thing you can do for yourself when you wake up is to have some water.

Many people like having lukewarm or warm water in the morning as it is less of a shock to the system, but go ahead and enjoy your ice cold water if you prefer. Try to make this a habit, and it becomes a really simple way to practice self-care right when you wake up.

Eat Your Fruits and Veggies

A simple way to eat healthier as part of your self-care journey is to begin adding more fruits and veggies to your meals. If you like fruit smoothies in the morning, add some greens to it for more nutrients. Add a side salad to your pasta dishes, or enjoy an apple with peanut butter as a mid-morning snack.

Remember this has nothing to do with being on a diet, you are just focusing on improving your health through nutrition. This is why focusing more on what you add to your meals instead of what you take away is going to benefit you the most.

Don’t Restrict Add More Nutrients

Remember that when you’re thinking about eating healthier, that doesn’t mean to eat less or to go on a diet. It is simply a matter of focusing on more of a balance of nutrients. So, if you have been eating eggs for breakfast, go ahead and keep eating your eggs, but maybe add some fruit on the side or a piece of whole grain toast with some avocado for healthy fats.

To keep yourself accountable, incorporating a food journal into your routine has been shown to be extremely effective.

Food journals keep you organized and on track.

Keep Experimenting with Your Healthy Eating

Healthy eating is not going to happen overnight. It is the small changes you make along the way that will have the largest impact on your life. People who go on diets are not usually practicing self-care, because they are restrictive and come with a set of rules. But everyone can start eating healthier for your physical and mental health.

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