How To Digital Detox and Set Better Goals

Try Setting Your Goals on a Disconnected Day
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This world is full of distractions. These distractions can become like a loud noise that you can’t get away from, but the truth of the matter is that you don’t have to let it in.

On a daily basis, each and every person who interacts with technology and the internet chooses to allow the thing that they see into their lives. It’s so common, that it’s seen as strange to take a step back from it, but it’s beneficial.

These next few paragraphs will give you some tips on how to set goals, specifically going on a digital detox so you have the time and energy to really focus on them.

What is a Digital Detox?

Oftentimes when referring to toxins, the intent is that it’s something that is harmful to the body. Chemicals and foods tend to steal the headlines in that regard and you wouldn’t be wrong. However, in the last decade or two, we are now seeing a dangerous addiction to digital devices and content.

So like chugging down a tall glass of green juice to eliminate junk from the body, a digital detox is abstaining from electronic devices to clear the brain.

So with a digital detox, what exactly are you refraining from? Here’s a few suggestions:

Stay Away from Social Media

There is a massive pull to stay informed on what everyone is doing. There’s subtle voyeurism that takes place in the sphere of social media. People’s lives just become collections of things they take pictures of, and this style over substance way of life is reinforced by rantings of celebrity personalities.

Truth be told, that isn’t really what this is about. Social media is mostly just a time stealer. A lot of people check their social media compulsively every few minutes to see if anything new has happened.

Another issue with social media is that it can be discouraging. It might really kill your resolve if you’re looking at someone’s photos of an island vacation if that’s something that you feel is completely out of reach.

Furthermore, nothing about being on social media is going to help you to achieve any of those things. You’re more likely to get those things when you spend less time on social media. It would probably be a great idea to turn off all of your notifications as well because seeing things popping off every few minutes can exert its own stress on you.

Turn Off Your Phone

A lot of people have become quite comfortable with the fact that they carry a small device that tells people where they are at all times. Cell phones have contributed heavily to declining job satisfaction. This is because employers now have the ability to call their employees at wider times than in previous generations.

If your phone is off then it’s going to be impossible for anyone to contact you unless you’ve given them the ability to do so somehow. With your phone off, you can push some of the possible situations you would normally deal with completely out of your mind and get down to serious business.

Don’t Check Your Email

Over the last few years, many working adults were surveyed on their internet use, and a large portion of them admitted that they checked their emails more than they felt they needed. People who show this sort of behavior also exhibit signs of stress when they engage in email checking activity. This is usually because they’re constantly expecting either cataclysm or reward in some way or another.

The easiest way to get rid of that stress is just to avoid checking your email. Even if it’s just for a brief digital detox of a few hours. There’s no reason you need to be tied to that 24 hours a day, so close your laptop.

Digital Detox to Better Yourself

On your day for yourself, it’s a great time to get things in order. When you’re making a plan to change things, it’s a lot easier when you have less clutter in life both literally and figuratively. After everything is more in order, you’ll be able to concentrate a lot more clearly.

Clean your bedroom, organize your workspace, etc. Give yourself a minute to appreciate the work that you’ve done to make your space more efficient. Making yourself ready for work is never a bad investment in time and effort.

Write Down Everything

One really big part of realizing and structuring your goals for success is to write down your goals, and then look at the steps to each and include those as well. Having them in front of you gives you a clearer perspective on your plan and how you’re going to get it done. That essentially removes all of the guessing and insecurity. Use the list to track how far you’ve gone. Each finished task will bring you confidence.

Attack Your Fears

Put yourself in a good position to get started. A great way to do that is to give some goals a good go. Be sure to have and follow a solid plan that you checked and weighed ahead of time. Each time you charge towards your goals, it’ll become easier. You just have to remain persistent and continue writing your goals down.

You’ll Be Able to Find More Clarity

After it’s been a bit, you’ll be really used to this new idea of staying disconnected. You’ll probably be surprised by the amount of clarity you have. That happened because taking time away from technology helps you to reconnect with your natural sense of gratitude in life.

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