Relinquishing Control and Gaining Perspective

Relinquishing Control and Gaining Perspective
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Using a journal to help with your physical and emotional health is a powerful thing, with this one simple tool helping you to gain more clarity into your life. But it can also help with many other aspects of your emotional wellbeing, including letting some stuff go, releasing anger and other uncomfortable emotions, and helping you to understand your own need for control.

These benefit not just your emotional health, but your physical health as well.

The Power of Expressing Yourself

You may not be able to control everything in your life and what happens to you, but you can control how you deal with it. The more you are able to express yourself and your emotions, the more you can learn how to let go and appreciate your health and life more.

This is where journaling comes in because it becomes a tool that helps you to get more perspective, learn about yourself, and really figure out what your health goals and priorities are.

Finding More Clarity and Self-Awareness

Journaling can also help you with becoming more self-aware and gain much-needed clarity. This not only helps with your mental health but your physical health as well. The more self-aware you are, the more you find the right path. It is easy to be influenced by social media and what other people do for their own health journeys, that you get sidetracked and go down the wrong path.

Your body and mind are yours and yours alone, so the path to health is not going to be exactly the same as anyone else’s. Journaling can help you figure this out and find your path.

Releasing Your Feelings of Control

It is not uncommon to want to have more control over your life, but if you think your controlling nature is getting in the way of your health goals, then journaling can help you with that. The more you write about your feelings and what you go through and how you feel about your own health, the more you understand that some things are just not in your control.

Instead, you are able to be more mindful about what happens to you, and then focus your attention on what you CAN control.

Getting Perspective Into Your Life’s Goals and Passions

You probably have a lot of goals, many of which are deep in your subconscious mind. Journaling has a magical way of discovering those deep-rooted ideas and thoughts you didn’t realize were there. You may have never been a runner before, but find out you have this goal of running a half marathon. Maybe you always thought you were just a fearful person, when in fact you have anxiety. The more perspective you can get into who you are and what you want your life to look like, the more you are able to make healthy, sustainable changes and improve your happiness.

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