How to Make and Use an Anxiety Journal

How to Make and Use an Anxiety Journal
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Anxiety can cause multiple issues in your daily life and health. One of the many health issues that anxiety can trigger is heart problems and high blood pressure. You may have already seen a doctor about the anxiety in your life, but are fearful of taking medications that simply mask the issue.

If this is the case, you can try a method that has helped many people get to the root of the problem, journaling. Here is how you can create and use an anxiety journal to naturally reduce your anxiety, attacks, and related health issues.

The Set-Up of an Anxiety Journal

Anxiety journals are also called ranting journals. When we feel anxiety we usually feel a rush of emotions all at once. Some of the thoughts are chaotic while others are eerily calm. The fact is though, the thoughts and emotions are fast moving and can be overwhelming if there is no outlet.

In fact, some people find that the manic nature of anxiety and thoughts can be worse than the actual onset of anxiety itself. For this reason, there is no real set-up of an anxiety journal. It is simply a lined journal that allows you to put in your thoughts as they come to you and get them out.

The only thing that is usually part of the anxiety journal is a reflective area to go back and write your thoughts on that post after you have calmed down and can go back and see what the issues may have been to lead you to the anxiety, to begin with.

When to Use an Anxiety Journal

You should use the anxiety journal anytime you feel an anxiety attack coming on or find yourself in the middle of an anxious feeling. This journal is as simple as that. It is supposed to be there for you in a way to allow you to rant when you need it and get the thoughts out as you need to.

Anxiety Journal to help center you.

How the Anxiety Journal Helps You

It helps you in several ways by giving you an outlet for the thoughts you are having. It also allows to you see the thoughts you have and if there are any repeating thoughts or connections that could be making anxiety worse. It is an outlet, a reflective journal, and a devotional journal in many ways.

Using an anxiety journal is not the cure-all for your anxiety problems, but it can help drastically. Keep in mind, it is a two-fold system. It works to help you reduce your anxiety at the moment it occurs and to help you root out the issue that triggered the anxiety, to begin with. Use it for both, and on a routine basis, and you will see a difference.

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