How to Make and Use an Art Journal

How to Make and Use an Art Journal
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If you are having issues with stress, depression, and anxiety then you may have already considered journaling as an option. The issue with journaling is that it is all writing, or at least that is the misconception. If you work better off of imagery and art then there is still a way you can use journaling to help your emotional issues and mental health. All you need is to know how to make and use an art journal. Here is some information that may help.

The Set-Up

The ideal set-up for an art journal is a blank sketch pad style journal. Usually, people tend to like sketch books that are either leather bound with spiral-bound pages, or that have a refillable option of some kind. People may also tend to use scrapbooks that allow pages to be removed as well. Beyond that, the journal is set up based on what the artist using the journal wants to do. It is an open sandbox journal that is a universe for the artist to express themselves and fill.

Art Journals with daily prompts.

When to Use an Art Journal

Art journals do not really have a time or place they are best used. They are a total free- from method of expression that helps the artist voices their moods and thoughts. It can be used at any time, multiple times a day, and needs only the reflection of the artist when they want to use it. You use an art journal when you feel the need to artistically express yourself.

How the Art Journaling Helps You

Art journaling helps you by giving you an artistic outlet for your mood and thoughts. It is designed to help someone who is more visually or artistically inclined use journaling just as someone who is inclined to write can use journaling. It gives an artist an area for expression, a possible outlet for stress, and an area to pull from for creative projects and ideas.

Art journals can be as plain or as decorative as you want. You may even decide to take them to a social media platform that is artistic as well. Keep in mind that art journals are a way for you to express yourself and review your life journey through images. If you use no words at all, it is still journaling and still helpful if it reduces issues in your life.

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